Facilitate Corporate Knowledge Sharing

Are you aware of your business losses due to inefficient knowledge sharing among your employees? Are you struggling to access the expertise you need? Imagine disconnected departments working on similar projects, unaware of each other’s progress, wasting resources and time. Based on a survey done by Panopto and YouGov “The average medium business loses $13.3 million in productivity each year as a direct result of inefficient knowledge sharing.”
Leveraging the insights and technology of our global knowledge sharing platform, teachsurfing.org, we have created a platform and services that unlocks knowledge sharing and lifelong learning for businesses.

Match experts across the organisation with project needs

Create cross-project collaboration

Offer engaging and customized E-learning programs

Bring customize content to your employee

Sharing success stories

Encourage fellow employees with successful collaborations stories. Project owners can promote engaged employees and their work for the project by publishing Success Stories on goodMatch.